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Like you, we’re PASSIONATE about raw dog and cat foods – which is why we feature Blue Ridge Beef raw diet for cats and dogs. Blue Ridge Beef is a pure meat product. At BRB, They’ve been providing a healthy raw meat diet for dogs and cats for over 30 years.
At Blue Ridge Beef plants, they strive to produce the best raw foods possible. Blue Ridge Beef meats and bones are processed in their own U.S.D.A. inspected facilities in the United States.
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Other Great Pet Foods & Supplies!

In addition to Blue Ridge Beef, About Cats & Dogs offers a wide range of pet supplements and other raw food such a Thoma Meats.  We also sell grooming supplies, so you can keep your cat or dogs looking and feeling great! Our goal is to supply pet owners and pet reeders with the finest products — that ensure your animals stay healthy and active.

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