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  • Natural Dog Food

    Diatomaceous Earth – Food Grade

  • dog bloom kalac M38

    Dog Bloom Kalac M38


    DOG BLOOM Kalac M38 is formulated to correct the serious calcium deficiencies in meat, grain, cheese, and vegetable mixes.

    The ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus for dogs is 1.2 to 1.0.

    Meat, depending on the part of the animal carcass, can vary from 1.0 to 10.0 to 1.0 to 27.0. These wide ratios are grossly wrong and detrimental to the animal.

    Always use this product in combination with DOG BLOOM VM SUPREME or VM 250 products. They provide the vitamins that make Kalac M38 work.

  • Hemp Oil – Organic


    Hemp 1700 – For Large Dogs

    Hemp 700 – For Medium Dogs

    Hemp 330 – For Small Dogs & Cats

    *Oral Only

  • Hemp Oil Liposomes


    Hemp 330 Lipsome – Small to Medium Dogs & Cats

    Hemp 1000 Lipsome – Medium to Large Dogs

    *Given in food

  • kitty bloom kalac m34

    Kalac M34


    High quality calcium supplement formulated for use with meat mixes or homemade diets to correct calcium deficits common in these diets.

    Guaranteed Analysis
    Calcium Min 35% Max 38%
    Iodine .0064%
    Potassium Min 2%
    Each 1/2 tsp. = approx. 900 mg. calcium

  • Kitty Bloom VM 900+

    Kitty Bloom VM 900+3


    Formulated with 15 Vitamins, 10 Minerals and Taurine. Proven Essential in the Feline diet!

    • Combats dry, flaky skin and dull coat.
    • Enhances coat color for show animals.
    • Boosts immune system against disease and infection.
    • Improves reproductive success.
    • Increases feed efficiency through improved absorption of foods.
    • Balanced nutritional support during critical periods of stress or illness.
    • Helps prevent excessive shedding Reduces risk of cardiovascular, retinal and reproductive disorders

    Concentrated powder form with REAL CHEESE — Great for finicky eaters. Proven safe and effective with millions of cats and with all types of diets.

  • Natural Dog Food

    Raw Balance


    Raw Balance Meat Fortifier

    Formulated for all types of meat providing essential vitamins, minerals and probiotic ingredients.
    For Dogs & Puppies of All Ages  •  Great Cheese Flavor That Dogs Love!

  • xtrabloom digest aid

    Xtra Bloom Digest Aid


    Unique blend of beneficial digestive bacteria, enzymes, and FOS – Great Cheese Flavor

    Aids in proper digestive action during times of:

    • Stress from travel, boarding, or showing
    • Diarrhea or Upset Stomach
    • Antibiotic Therapy or Illness
  • xtrabloom wate supplement

    Xtra Bloom Wate


    Excellent Source of essential fatty acids for:

    Underweight or finicky eaters.
    Improving skin and coat condition.
    Energy boost during times of illness or convalescing.

    Animal Fat (preserved with bha), corn syrup solids, casein, lecithin